Rev's Ramblings – Ladies Day

Games have been thin on the ground in the last couple of weeks, but for me personally, even more so. My car decided to die on Christmas morning as I was driving to the local canal for an hour or so fishing at first-light.

It meant that with garages closed for a few days at least, there was no way I could drive to Newtown on Boxing Day. I did my best by checking train timetables, bus routes and even asking people if they fancied a game so I could get a lift.

Unfortunately, all seeds of hope fell on stony ground and I was grounded. The show still went on though as far as TNS Radio was concerned and The New Saints’ answer to Fletch and Sav stepped in.

Ian Wlliams and Keith Weaver did a great job and you can actually hear highlights from the show on episode 19 of the weekly podcast. That will be out this coming Thursday (January 14) so make sure you check that out.

It’s a TNS Ladies FC special, as although the senior men’s side had a free week, the female equivalent was in action. Sundays at Park Hall with a 2.00 p.m. kick-off is usually an impossible time for me.

However, a switch in both venue and time – to Shrewsbury and an hour later – meant I was there not only to support our Ladies but also with recording equipment at hand to do some interviews for TNS Radio Football Show, otherwise known as the weekly podcast.

First up was Hannah Yates, who was our guest on TNS Radio a few months back, when TNS Ladies entertained their counterparts at Shrewsbury Town in the big A5 derby. As always, she was great and a pleasure to chat with.

Just as we interview Craig Harrison after each game, I did the same with the Ladies’ boss, Joe Thompson. I must add as well, a very happy Joe Thompson, as TNS ran out 6-0 winners against Lye Town Ladies.

We also had two people in one clip as player-of-the-match, Sam Berry, joined Joe as we talked about the game. If you’ve never been to see the Ladies play, why not check out the fixture list and take in a match.

You will be surprised at the quality of football on show. Just like the men, they are unbeaten in league games this season – and that doesn’t happen by chance.

This Saturday (January 16) it’s back to action for the men though and I’m looking forward to our Flintshire visit as we take on gap Connah’s Quay in the final game before phase two in the Dafabet Welsh Premier League.

Can you #BeatTheBelle? Cortez reckons the score will be 1-1, so we know it will be something else as he hasn’t got one right in two seasons! Give us your prediction for TNS Radio, get it right and you’ll get a mention in this column.

Which brings me nicely to Graham Vince from Huddersfield, who correctly went for a 4-1 victory against Newtown on New Year’s Day. Well done, Graham, top predicting there! Finally, TNS Radio will be live on air from 5.00 p.m. on Saturday and we look forward to your company. The link is on the club website. Have a great week.

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