Rev's Ramblings – Cymru, Cymru, wherefore art though, Cymru

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Anyone with even a casual interest in Welsh football can hardly miss the fact that there is minimal representation in the mainstream media. The Dafabet Welsh Premier League is at best tucked away in the corner, or more often than not, totally ignored.

This week I visited a national broadcaster’s football homepage on their website. Dominated, as expected, by the English Premier League, Scotland was reasonably well represented. However, when it came to Wales, out of a total of 57 links just 2 were ‘Welsh’.

Incidentally, Northern Ireland fared even worse with just one. Of course, I placed the word ‘Welsh’ as I did because there were articles on the likes of Swansea City through Wrexham. I wish them well and I have no issues or problems, but they play in England.

Although they are geographically in Wales, they ply their trade in another country. Now, of course, I’m aware that TNS’ ground is the wrong side of the border for some, but that’s not relevant to the point I’m making.

The New Saints play in the Dafabet Welsh Premier League and it’s the lack of media coverage for football played there (and the Welsh system as a whole) that is the issue. And by the way, this isn’t a rant or a piece written in frustration or anger. Far from it!

What’s the answer? Well, I’m certainly not the activist-type so I won’t be leading a Jarrow-style march on the headquarters of the UK’s media moguls. I’m not even seeking confrontation of any kind.

It doesn’t do any harm to send the occasional message though to the powers-that-be, in fact I’ve done that via the TNS Twitter account myself when an opportunity has presented itself. I guess we can all do something, however small; the key is to do something. That’s the point of this week’s Rev’s Ramblings – do something.

On a personal level I’m always promoting not only TNS, but also Welsh football as a whole. Although I may sound very English when I talk, I do have Welsh blood running through my veins, albeit diluted. I’m very proud of my roots.

Let me say at this point though, you don’t have to be Welsh to love the beautiful game played this side of the border. One of the things I’ve been encouraged by since becoming involved has been the level of support around the world. It’s more than just nationality.

Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect to send one email or post one social media message and find the featured game on MOTD isn’t Liverpool v Arsenal but Haverfordwest County at home to Port Talbot Town instead. Like most things in life, the advancement of the Welsh game is going to be more of a marathon than a sprint.

We can all be ambassadors. Rise to the challenge and become a Welsh football evangelist, spreading the good news far and wide. Due to the qualification of the national team in Europe, there is a platform like never before. Let’s ensure the domestic game makes the most of the opportunity. We all have a part to play. Play it.

Finally, it’s theWord Cup final this Saturday (January 23) as TNS take on Denbigh Town. If you’re not at the game then you can listen to commentary via TNS Radio. We will be live on air from 5.00 p.m. What about giving us a prediction? Cortez reckons 4-0 to TNS. What do you think? Can you #BeatTheBelle?

Stewart Bloor