Rev's Ramblings – Out on the town

If you follow the club’s social media accounts then you’ll be aware that we’ve been going into Oswestry on a weekly basis for some months now. We started last summer with a table in and around the indoor / outdoor market, depending on the weather.

A small team of us would use one of the trophies, which we took along, to engage with passers-by and generally promote the club. It was successful and we saw people through the turnstile as a result.

Tagged as #TNSTownTour (yes, we like our hashtags at TNS!) it then metamorphosed into visiting the shops and businesses in Oswestry to continue promoting the club that way.

I must confess at that point I wasn’t keen. Not from a club perspective, in fact I thought it was a really good idea, just purely from a personal one that’s all. I kept thinking about the nuisance cold-callers you get and the last thing I wanted was to become another one on people’s list.

The bottom line is that on my list of personal positive qualities, salesman is definitely not one of them! I don’t mind the idea of following up enquiries, but the idea of ‘drumming up business’ sees me become the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

However, it’s good to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Plus, I reminded myself of what I’d said (to myself) when I first got involved with TNS, that I would do whatever the club asked me to.

Well, it’s actually gone really well. Although I won’t exactly be applying for a sales job at any point in the future, I’m pleased to say my comfort zone has happily extended! Going into Oswestry for some time now in the new format, there have been so many positives and I actually look forward to it.

If you’re out and about in the town no doubt you’ve seen posters on display promoting the next game. Some good relationships have been built, and continue to be nurtured, along the way as well. It’s quite common, as I enter a shop, for the people behind the counter to say ‘It’s nice to see you, we were just talking about you and wondering if you would be in today’.

It’s even got to the stage with a number of places where I hear, ‘Would you like a drink?, and we’ll sit around chatting away for the next twenty minutes or so with a cup of tea or coffee. I feel very honoured to represent the club in this way, the building and developing of relationships should never be underestimated by any business, group or organisation.

I always try to vary Rev’s Ramblings each week and this one be has been an insight into the #TNSTownTour, so next time you see a tweet, the hashtag, or indeed a poster in Oswestry then you’ll know a little bit more.

It’s also been written from a personal perspective. There are always life-lessons that we can draw from situations. Some I’ve highlighted, others are there by inference. The important thing is, keep moving on. Standing water stagnates but flowing water will stay fresh.

Finally, if you’re in the wider Oswestry area and you’d like a #TNSTownTour visit, let me know. Display a poster for us and in return receive a personal invite to a game and get some great, free publicity as well. There’s no catch.