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This last week saw the 140th anniversary of the FA Wales. One of the oldest football associations in the world, it ties in nicely with the current focus on the merger with Oswestry Town. Oswestry was there from the beginning as a founder member.

I love the hashtag #TNSHistory as it’s simple, to the point, but above all encapsulates the emotions and memories behind the campaign. I think the older you get the more nostalgic you become and that has certainly been my personal experience.

In the last three years I’ve added Welsh memorabilia to my list of football collectables. The difference now is that my growing collection is all personal, consisting of things that I’m amassing as I plod on with TNS.

Signed programmes, team line-up sheets, signed posters, even the coloured ribbon that got shot into the air after last season’s Welsh Cup final, it’s all there! Who knows, just as I’m thoroughly enjoying this #TNSHistory month, in a hundred years or so people might be enjoying my memorabilia!

Always remember, today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories, so on that front we can all be history-makers. Talking of the past and combining the previous mention of the FA Wales, it was back to Welsh Cup action on Saturday as we travelled to Barry for the tie of the round.

Again, going back in time, in this case to the 1990s and the turn of the century, Barry Town were the dominant team in Welsh football. In fact they were the TNS of the day, or the other way round if you want to put it like that.

Their fall from prominence has been well documented but what encourages me is that they’re now in the ascendancy. It would be fantastic to see them back in the Dafabet Welsh Premier League,  and I’m sure they will be, sooner rather than later as well.

The reception that they gave us as a club was appreciated very much. As far as TNS Radio is concerned we were looked after incredibly well, as we were given a room overlooking the ground to broadcast from.

From the initial social media interaction prior to the fixture, to our time there and the post-match chat, it has all been excellent. Thank you, Barry, and all the very best for the rest of the season and beyond.

And the radio show itself? Well (and you know we like our hashtags at TNS), we promoted it as #TheMotherOfAllRadioShows prior to the game. The reason being that we had none other than Welsh footballing legend, Cortez Belle, on air with us.

Making his debut, he was a natural, and certainly justified the hashtag! It was a family affair as better-half, Caroline, and son, Donté, sat in with us. Chatting with Sam Thomas on the way back home on the team bus, we both agreed that it was one of the best shows that we’ve done.

As good as he may be on air though, off it his predictions continue to fail miserably. Going for a 4-0 TNS victory, this time he lasted all of five minutes before Barry made it 1-1, as he continued to live up to the hasn’t-got-one-right-in-two-seasons title that is in serious danger of becoming a permanent feature.

On the other hand, TNS fan Graham Vince from Huddersfield hit the prediction nail on the head as he #BeatTheBelle with a 2-5 entry. I’m very impressed with that, Graham. Any tips for poor old Cortez? Other than throw the towel in of course. We don’t want that though, who would we have to poke fun at every week on air?

Stewart Bloor

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