Saints Flying High with help of Drone Technology

The New Saints of Oswestry Town are trialling the latest cutting edge technology in their training sessions with the use of drones in their bid to retain their fifth Dafabet Welsh Premier League title. Saints Flying High  (1) 

The aerial video footage taken by a drone is similar to playing EA Sports’ FIFA16 computer game, where coaches and players can see everything much clearer from above. The Saints’ coaching staff will be looking at specific aspects of the teams play and will be able to focus on the tightness of player positions, timing of runs and how space can be exploited.

Mark Wynne of M7aerial confirmed that being above the field of play offers so many more advantages and it’s easier to explain and show players for their individual, unit and team development. Wynne said: “Clubs at all levels come to us, as we have a proven record and ensure we fly safely whilst obtaining the perfect angles and positions, unlike static cameras we can track players and follow lines and waves of play.”

The use of drone technology has been introduced to the club by TNS first team coach Carl Darlington, as he realised the potential of these uniquely captured aerial views and put into practise the application at the wales national coaching conference.

More used to working on high end cinematography and TV productions with names such as Ridley Scott Associates, BBC and ITV, M7aerial have adapted their drone technology for the world of football.

M7aerial was founded by Mark Wynne and Michael Owen and the award winning company has gained a strong reputation in the drone industry thus far. Wynne added, “We are the go to guys for drone technology in football.”

Not content with drones, M7 have recently launched a sister company called M7virtual that specialise in 360video capture. This will allow players wearing the 360 cameras to review their spatial awareness during play and the technology does give the possibility of ‘eyes in the back of your head.’

The New Saints face Newtown AFC away this Saturday 13th February K.O 2.30pm.