Rev's Ramblings – Rain, new car and Kai Edwards

I guess the writing was on the wall when Sgorio decided to switch the live game earlier in the week. That decision proved to be a wise one indeed, as the TNS visit to Bala Town was postponed due to the weather. Rain stopped play has more than just an association with cricket.

Certainly as far as Welsh football is concerned, the geographical location alone ensures that the country is at the forefront of the dominant rain-bearing SW winds. All those heavy clouds that sweep in across the Atlantic deposit their loads over the first land mass that they come to. Welcome to wet Wales. Yes, it really is.

With so many cancellations across the board this season, it again brings the issue of artificial surfaces to the fore. Another example of TNS forward-thinking and leading the way, we now have a third of the Dafabet Welsh Premier League playing on a non-natural surface. Without doubt, that percentage will increase in the future.

In an ideal, utopian universe wouldn’t it be great to play all games on natural grass surfaces that look like giant outdoor snooker tables. The reality though is that we don’t. Certainly as far as the weather and Wales are concerned, it is a world far from perfect.

I am changing my car this week; my involvement with TNS is certainly putting the miles on the clock. As I found out on Christmas Day, being out on a geographical limb in south Staffordshire means a reliable car is a must-tick box as far as I’m concerned.

If I have car issues I can’t grab a lift with someone else, I’m stuck. Anyway the last three letters of the new car are EWE and it’s white. The fact that I spend so much time in Wales is purely coincidental. Anyway, it’s not a fancy car so I’m not expecting the crowds to flock around it when I pull up at Park Hall…

Away from the jokes, the first thing that I did when I went to look at the car was lay the back seats flat and get to work with my tape measure. I’m happy to say that it met the 100 cm x 90cm for the bedchair and 200cm for the rod bag tests. Yes, if it didn’t measure up for my angling, our relationship was a non-starter.

Talking of things piscatorial, I was very pleasantly surprised when Kai Edwards said to me recently that he’d like to come fishing with me. Away from TNS, one of the things that I am passionate about is angling. That includes producing a weekly blog and it was through watching some of my videos that Kai’s interest was aroused.

Well, we’ve actually set a date framework and that’s going to be happening very soon. Kai has never been fishing before so I’m looking forward to helping him get his first ever fish on the bank. We’re going sea fishing as well so the safe money is on it being a whiting. Anyway, as they say, watch this space.

Finally, TNS Radio will be on air for the next two Saturdays live from Park Hall. Both games we will be going live from 2.15 p.m. with Airbus on February 27, followed by Newtown a week later. We look forward to your company, the link is on the TNS website.

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