Rev's Ramblings – Keeping up with the Harrisons

If you read Rev’s Ramblings regularly then you’ll know that I like my football history. Well, on Saturday it was the football equivalent of dying and going to heaven as Park Hall was packed with Oswestry Town legends from the past.

The culmination of the TNS history month, where the club has been remembering and celebrating the Oswestry side of the family, saw ex-players and staff meet for a pre-game meal followed by the match itself.

I was thoroughly impressed with the whole event, and for that credit must go to Charlotte Ruscoe, who did a grand job putting it together. We had Charlotte on TNS Radio as well during the game so watch out for episode 26 of the weekly podcast, as the interview will be on there.

The podcast, officially known as the TNS Radio Football Show, also features BBC’s James Bond. Back in the day he was involved in Oswestry Town and he shares some of his memories with the club.

We also interviewed a former player, Merrick Corfield, who again related stories from the past. If you have an interest in the local football scene then the upcoming podcast is a must-listen. Even if you don’t though it’s still good due to the quality of guests.

It also features Greg Draper, who I chatted with at Park Hall in the week, and post-game interviews with Craig and Paul following the Airbus match. So that’s where the title of this week’s column comes from. Keeping up with the Harrisons!

Talking of Airbus, what a top performance it was. With second-place Bala Town losing the day before, the victory certainly puts TNS in the driving seat. However, as I put the ‘loaded’ question to Craig Harrison after the game, ‘It’s all in the bag isn’t it?’, his expected answer was no, not yet.

No-one associated with the club, is going to take anything for granted and that includes me. If you wanted my personal take on the chances of TNS retaining the title I’d say I was ‘quietly confident’.

I enjoyed doing TNS Radio with Sam Thomas for the Airbus game. We have a regular listener in Canada, Paolo Fabrizio, who not only tunes in himself but when he’s working he plays the show in his bakery shop for the customers to listen to. Thanks, Paolo, appreciated very much.

Then of course we have guests live on air with us. We chatted to Jonny Drury who was at gap Connah’s Quay, in our new feature, The Drury’s Out ! Plus the ‘studio’ guests who were all great this week – Charlotte Ruscoe, James Bond, Mike Harris, Ian Williams, Talllie and Cady Brazier and the TNS Radio cake-maker, Debby Bloor!

Last though, and certainly not least, we had Graham Vince with us and that’s him in the lead photograph. A TNS fan from Huddersfield in Yorkshire, he travelled down especially for the game. Thank you Graham, your support for the club is greatly appreciated.