Rev's Ramblings – Can I come fishing with you, Rev?

I can’t remember the exact words, but they were something along the lines of ‘Can I come fishing with you, Rev?’ My passion for angling had ignited a spark in TNS’ Mr. Versatile. Comfortable at left back, right back, centre midfield and at the heart of the defence – but how would he fare with a rod in his hand?

I’m talking about none other than Kai Edwards, who had actually never been fishing in his life. Anyway, last week while I was on holiday in nearby Kinmel Bay, we met up one evening for a session at Rhyl harbour. I chose a spot where I have caught lots before, determined that Kai’s first excursion into the piscatorial world would be a fish-filled one.

Casting with Kai
Casting with Kai

However – and I’m blaming the tides on this as they weren’t good at all – we blanked. Well, either the tides or a case of one of us bringing a kiss of death to the proceedings. Being as I did catch during the rest of the vacation, I’ll let you decide who.

Anyway, on a serious note it was hard going and fishing is like life in that it doesn’t always work out how you want. We had a great time though chatting away and I even managed to get an interview for the current (episode 27) TNS Radio Football Show podcast.

We've also got Graeme Kirkham in the podcast
We’ve also got Graeme Kirkham in the podcast

I’m usually at a ground, a room at The Venue or the balcony at Park Hall when we do podcast recording. This is a first in that it was on the beach at dusk. When you hear the gulls and the lapping tide they’re not sounds effects, it’s the real thing.

When I got back to the caravan I had a text from Kai saying it was on his 2016 bucket-list to catch a fish. Well, it’s on mine to get him one; so as they say, watch this space. Other players have also expressed an interest in going fishing, so this could turn out to be very interesting indeed!

On air in the JD Welsh Cup
On air in the JD Welsh Cup

Back to football action on Saturday and it was my favourite competition as we entertained Newtown AFC in the JD Welsh Cup. I love the history associated with it and as a football-mad kid there was always an aroma of magic. As far as The New Saints are concerned, the sweet smell of success continues to waft as the club made it into the last four.

Sam Thomas and I were joined for the whole show by our good friend, Clint Jones. A Holywell Town supporter, he first came on air when we entertained the Flintshire outfit in theWord Cup earlier in the season and he’s been a regular ever since. It was also great, in between his internet updating for the visitors, to get Jonny Drury on the mic.

Jonny Drury, Newtown's Press Officer, on TNS Radio
Jonny Drury, Newtown’s Press Officer, on TNS Radio

We were blessed with so many top quality guests, in fact too many to mention by name. A shout-out must go to Tallie and Cadie Brazier though, who for the second time guested as TNS Radio cake-makers. Their creation went down very well, thank you girls!

Finally, it’s back to action this coming Friday (March 11) as we take on MBi Llandudno in the Dafabet Welsh Premier League. At the game? Come and say a few words on TNS Radio. We’ll be in our usual place in the press box on the balcony.

Tallie and Cady with Scott Roberts - and the cake
Tallie and Cady with Scott Roberts – and the cake

Not able to get to Park Hall? Don’t worry, don’t miss out. We will be on air from 7.30 p.m. and the link is on the TNS website home page. As well as listening, why not interact with us on Twitter? Use the hashtag #TNSRadio and we’ll give you a shout-out.

There in person or not, what will the score be? In our regular feature, Cortez ‘hasn’t got one right in two seasons’ Belle said to me that he thinks it will be a close one and he’s going 2-1 to TNS. Which means two things. Firstly, it won’t be 2-1 and secondly it will be a walkover.

Although in all seriousness I don’t think it will be the latter. I’ve been very impressed with Llandudno this season and they won’t be turning up just to make the numbers up. Got a score for us, it’s just-for-fun so no pressure. Go on don’t be shy! Maybe you can #BeatTheBelle