Rev's Ramblings – It's been a model week

Last week’s column featured model, Natalia Mavromoustaki, who I met in Cyprus recently while on Champions League duty. The current Face Of The Globe, Miss Wales, her appearance at the game certainly stirred up some media interest and that has continued this week as well.

I enjoyed meeting Nat, and we became friends on Facebook, so I’ve been aware of the stuff that’s been going on. From Dolce through to various blogs, it’s been great publicity for both Natalia and The New Saints. Although my face has now appeared on the Dolce site though, as of yet my phone has not been hot with offers of a modelling contract.

The New Saints on the Dolce Cyprus site
The New Saints on the Dolce Cyprus site

I guess, therefore, I’ll just have to carry on as normal. With two games this past week though I can live with normal. It was good to be on air with TNS Radio for both of them as well. First up was the FC Oswestry Town game, and with a 9-0 scoreline, it was certainly a busy time just keeping up with the action.

Following the match, we did the first recordings for the current TNS Radio Football Show, otherwise known as the weekly podcast. With Steve Saunders one of three players who completed a full ninety minutes, he kicks off the show this week. Then, in an act of spontaneity, we had an ‘open mic’ that saw several players chipping in.

I'm into selfies, here's a few with the players
I’m into selfies, here’s a few with the players

The banter was flowing freely, much of it revolving around Ryan Pryce. It does show though what a great team spirit there is at Park Hall. On a personal level, I like the players and get on very well with them. That’s also important as far as interviewing is concerned. The more comfortable people are around each other, the easier it is to get a natural feel on recordings. Check out the podcast via the club website.

I really enjoy the interviewing side of my involvement with the club, perhaps ‘in-house journalist’ is a good description of my work at TNS. I’m not bothered about titles but that’s certainly the function. That it’s in-house suits me as well, because there’s not the negative prompting and probing that you get in the world of sports journalism these days.

The sun shines on the righteous
The sun shines on the righteous at Caernarfon

I watch interviews on TV, and it seems that sometimes the sole motive of the person behind the mic is to wind up the person on the other side of it and cause a reaction. When the manager walks off or the player snaps, it is very much mission accomplished. Personally, I’d be horrified if I put anyone from TNS in that position.

If there is anything remotely controversial, I either steer clear of it, or else I clarify beforehand where the person is at and what they feel comfortable with in terms of questions. Also, being in-house and in relationship with the players and staff, I appreciate the trust that people have in me. I do hear things in private that external journalists would love to get hold of. However, what I hear stays with me and will never go further.

Then, back to the football, it was friendly number two as we travelled along the A55 to Caernarfon Town for a Friday night out. Another convincing win, this time 5-0. I said to Craig Harrison in the post-match interview that we had scored fifteen in two games, but of course it was ‘just’ fourteen. The one statistic though I got right was no-reply. With an aggregate of 14-0 over two games that’s pretty impressive indeed. You could say it’s been a model week all round.

With such high scores, well done to Ian Brazier, who hit the nail on the head as far as the Caernarfon game was concerned. Not long now till the Dafabet Welsh Premier League season starts. Don’t forget, if you can’t make a game then make sure you tune in to TNS Radio. You can find the link on the club website, and as always, we look forward to your company.

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