Rev's Ramblings – A model club, but where's the cake?

Following on from my chance encounter with Face Of The Globe Miss Wales 2016, Natalia Mavromoustaki, in Cyprus recently while on Champions League duty, the feedback continues. The positive exposure for The New Saints has been amazing and Nat sent me a  number of links to sites that have run short pieces.


They are in Greek, of course, but whatever the language, it’s great to see the gospel of TNS being spread far and wide. Way back (although it’s not really that long ago, it just seems it due to the amount of stuff I’ve been involved with) when I first got connected with the club, I mentioned to Mike Harris and Ian Williams, when asked what I could bring to TNS, that part of my own vision was to be an ambassador.


Not official, of course, in that I wanted a title or anything like that. In fact not even recognised in any way, rather just a function that I wanted to fulfil. I guess if I translated it into a nutshell mission statement it would read, ‘Making TNS famous’. Or perhaps, to be precise, more famous than it already is. We are the Welsh Premier League champions after all.

Pretty much all I wear these days is TNS clothing, even going to bed sees me in a Dancing Chairman tee shirt and a pair of Legea shorts. Wearing club stuff does start a few conversations when I’m out and about though. Even where I live, in the Black Country, there are people who have a decent knowledge of The New Saints. Often they remember the Liverpool Champions League tie from several seasons back.


It’s amazing how many people still relate to that. In fact, it was the first real introduction that I had to the club as well. It was the initial link in a chain that has well and truly wrapped itself around me now, although I must hasten to add that it’s all good. When something becomes a big part of your life in the way that TNS has mine, it does embrace you rather tightly.

If variety is indeed the spice of life, then the various pies that I have my TNS fingers in certainly make for an interesting journey. One of those, of course, is TNS Radio and last week we did our final pre-season game as Guilsfield were the visitors to Park Hall. I had said to the cake-maker, my wife Debby, that she could have a night off from baking.

Well, no cake created quite a storm. It’s a popular feature and feeling sorry for us with all the disappointed comments was Sez Roberts. Listening in, she came to Park Hall with some chocolate fingers to rescue the day. Thanks Sez, nice touch. As far as the TNS Radio cake is concerned though, it’s business as usual this coming Sunday.

Yes, it’s the new Dafabet Welsh Premier League season. There is no-one on the face of the earth more optimistic than a football fan in August. Well, with five consecutive titles behind us, I’m certainly positive. What will the score be though as we entertain Aberystwyth Town? Fancy a crack at #BeatTheBelle?

Cortez reckons TNS will be off to a 4-0 flyer. Send me your prediction in our just-for-fun competition. If you’re not at the game then why not join us on air. The link is on the club website and kick off is 3.00 pm. As we often say, we look forward to your company. Contact me: