Rev's Ramblings – Girls! Girls! Girls!

I recently watched, on Netflix, the 1962 Elvis Presley movie, Girls! Girls! Girls! and that provides the inspiration for not only the title, but also the content of this week’s column. In the movie, Elvis played a fisherman and for as much as I’d like to dwell on that, I won’t, as it’s all about the ladies this time round.

First up, it was great to see Hannah Jones again. Hannah is the media officer at Bala Town and I get on very well with her. When we bumped into each other at Park Hall prior to the game, I surprised her by greeting her in Welsh.

Interviewing Hannah previously for the TNS weekly podcast
Interviewing Hannah previously for the TNS weekly podcast

I’m still taking baby steps but when I have basic conversations, it’s very encouraging. Still with Hannah, we were both at the recent Wales v Moldova game and I wished I had checked Facebook while I was there, because Hannah and her family were in the stand next to us and she sent me a message.

Funnily enough, quite close to where we sat was Nicky John, and I took a sneaky photo (selfie of course, I love them) and tweeted it to her. Back to the present though and it was Nicky interviewing Hannah live on Sgorio at the Bala game, along with our very own Ian Williams.

A selfie on the Park Hall balcony
A selfie on the Park Hall balcony

What does Ian have in common with Elvis Presley? Well, other than stunning looks, they’re just two out of four males that get, albeit fleetingly, a mention this week.

The thread is weaving nicely in the column this time round, as back to the girls, following Hannah’s appearance on S4C, it was my turn to be interviewed by Nicky. Like Hannah, I only see her a few times during the course of the season, but it’s always great, although we do chat occasionally on social media in between.

The best interview Nicky John has ever done
The best interview Nicky John has ever done

The next reference is a double-act as Chloe O’Connor and Aimee Todd made not only their first visits to Park Hall, but also their debuts on TNS Radio. There had been a Welsh Women’s Premier League photo-shoot earlier in the day, and as Cardiff Met Ladies players, they were there.

Selfie time with Chloe and Aimee
Selfie-time with Chloe and Aimee

I first spotted them, in their Cardiff Met gear, while we were in the press box and they were watching the game from the balcony below us. While we were live on air, I shouted down to them; they made their way up and within seconds they joined us over the airwaves. Talking of Elvishly good looks, as I was earlier, we had Tom Matthews on TNS Radio again.

Chloe and Aimee were great, I really enjoyed having them on the radio show and hopefully they will join us again at some point in the future. The former has played for Wales and the latter recently scored twice in the Champions League. We have quality guests on TNS Radio, that’s a fact.

Closer to home, we also had Sez Roberts on, and that ties in very nicely with the Nicky John interview. Nicky was asking me how I came to be involved at Park Hall, and as I’ve documented several times before in this column, it was Sez’s prompting that initially set the ball rolling.

The day after the Bala game, I went to see our Ladies in action as they took on Wolves Women at Hednesford Town in Staffordshire. Following the 3-0 victory, I chatted with the goalscorers, Emily Ridge (2) and Charlotte Canlett. We did a double interview on the pitch and that will be in next week’s (episode 56) club podcast.

Finally, the TNS Radio cake-maker, my wife Debby, guessed the recent Bangor City scoreline, so well done, Mrs B. Along with Fatai Jafan from Nigeria, she went for 4-0. As always, have a great week and feel free to contact me via social media or by email at