Rev's Ramblings – There's only one Mike Harris

In this week’s column I’m focusing mostly on TNS Radio, something that I enjoy being involved with very much. It was my initial point of contact with the club, and although I’m now in my third full season, I can still recall, very clearly, turning up and ‘having a go’ on the brand-new show.

Even when media officer, Gilbert Woolley, asked if I would come back, I had no idea where it would lead. In fact the journey is still very much ongoing and I doubt very much whether it will ever be destination-reached in that sense.

Chatting to gap Connah’s Quay press officer, Nik Mesney, after the recent match, he said that he’d been listening on the way in, as he only made the second half. Although I’m at TNS, my passion is also for the wider Welsh football world. To quote a much-used political sound-bite, ‘We’re in this together.’

I definitely have a ground-hopping gene of my own, and it’s always great to meet my fellow stadium sojourners as they pass this way. This time round it was Darren Knapton, who included TNS on his schedule. You can read the write-up via his blog entry, that you can access via the tweet below.

Following the home tie against Nomads, it was off to the north-west. To paraphrase Roger Miller, not quite as far as destination Bangor, Maine, just Caernarfonshire. Yes, like a boomerang we were back at Nantporth, this time for a League game.

Tom on air with us at Bangor
Tom on air with us at Bangor

What a cracker it was, as well. End-to-end on the pitch, but the all-important bottom line was the fourteenth consecutive WPL victory of the season for TNS. We had Tom Matthews with us on radio, but now that he’s back in contention for a place after his injury, his appearances with us will be occasional rather than regular.

Of course, it’s been great having him and we wish him all the very best as he gets back on track at Airbus UK Broughton, where he is currently on loan. Want to put in an appearance yourself on TNS Radio? Let me know, we have an open mic policy.

If you’re wondering what this week’s heading is all about, well, the Bangor game saw a number of fans turn up in Mike Harris masks! If you thought one Chairman Mike was bad enough, well imagine 30 of them! Watch a video here: Mike Harris invades Bangor City

We’ve had a few winners of late on our #BeatTheBelle competition, starting with yours truly who correctly predicted 2-0 at Bangor City in the Nathaniel MG Cup. This was followed by four people who went for a 3-0 home victory against gap Connah’s Quay.

So, well done to Chrissy Breeze, David George, Darren Lamble and, a Belle who actually got one right. Of course, it wasn’t Cortez though, but rather his sister, Nadine. For those who aren’t aware, Cortez gives us a prediction then we open it up. Hence, #BeatTheBelle.

There's only one Mike Harris
There’s only one Mike Harris

Finally, Lylle Williams and Jeff Pearson thought it would be Bangor City 1 TNS 2 in the league game over the weekend, and it was. Of course, legend on the pitch but hopeless predictor off it, Mr. Belle, failed to get one right again. He’ll get it one day though, after all, as I keep telling him, even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

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