TNS can't get promoted but I can – Rev's Ramblings

Last week, as the heading of this week’s column suggests, I took on a new role at the club. It wasn’t exactly a closely-guarded secret but before I announced it publically, I spoke to two people.

Firstly, Gil Woolley, whose leaving the club had meant that the media department needed reorganising. I spoke to Gil out of courtesy and his response was actually very positive. All the best, Gil, for the future.

The other person I spoke with was Sam Thomas, who I’ve worked with on TNS Radio for a couple of years now.

I’m now the Media & Communications Officer. It’s a grand-sounding title, although I’m more interested in function rather than a name on a door. Or in my case, an email signature. It’s about what you do rather than what you’re called.

Anyway, rather than go into all the announcement again, I’ve copied and pasted what I wrote on my Facebook account, the evening I returned home from a meeting with Chairman, Mike Harris.

‘I’ve had a very nice promotion at TNS this week. I’m honoured. It’s still doing media stuff, just more responsibility. And of course, workload, but it isn’t a burden.
Yes, of course, there are things that I have to do but the great thing, from my perspective, is that there is lots of flexibility. This isn’t a 9-5 job. I’m still going strong now and it’s pushing 9pm.
I also work very much on initiative and I like that. I enjoy getting the creative juices going and as this is my third season at the club, I know how things work and what’s expected.
Today I’ve worked from home, one of the joys of the modern age and in particular the Internet.
Every day has been different before, and that will certainly be the case now as well. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.
Today’s variety has included a couple of website posts (I take a lot of time over them, it’s important to research and get them right as they are shop-front windows for the club).
Final dealings with a BBC guy as I’m going there (Media City in Salford) with a player in the morning. Plus speaking with the player to make sure everything is on track.
Building a list of media outlets for sending post-match photos to, got a couple of new contacts today from sports editors.
Wrote and despatched my column for the next home programme. Constant monitoring and posting on club social media accounts. Other stuff as well, you get the picture.’