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I’m sure by now you’re aware of Jamie Mullan’s appearance on the CBBC programme, Kickabout. It’s only been just over a week that I met up with Jamie at Salford’s Media City, the home of so much of the BBC’s output these days, yet it seems like an eternity.

That’s due to the fact that since I stepped up my TNS involvement, so much media water has passed under the bridge that it’s been a flood of activity. I’ve been very busy. I’m not complaining however, busy but blessed is how I describe it.

Jamie in the CBBC studio
Jamie in the CBBC studio

The morning at CBBC went very well, and there’s a piece on the TNS site that you can access for more details. In addition, search the BBC player, where you can check out Jamie’s appearance on the show itself. It was great publicity not only for TNS, but also for Welsh football as a whole.

Last weekend’s game at home to Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (to give the club its full title) saw the recent Facebook competition winners, Julie and Jemma Lee along with youngsters Spencer and Jessica Burke enjoy pre-match hospitality.

The competition winners with TNS Chairman Mike Harris
The competition winners with TNS Chairman Mike Harris

In addition they were able to meet the players after the game for autographs and photos. As their friends Ronnie and Lottie were also at the game, we took them along as well. The more the merrier! Everyone had a great day and it was very rewarding to be part of it all.

By the way, watch this space for more Facebook competitions. Make sure you give our page a ‘like’ and that way you’ll get all the updates. Not only competitions, of course, but all the other news from Park Hall as it happens.

With Spencer's favourite player, Simon Spender
With Spencer’s favourite player, Simon Spender

We had some great guests on TNS Radio this week as well, including Jayne Robb. Jayne was there with a party from RUKGroup.com, who are the club’s main sponsors from this season. We even talked angling on air and Jayne lets her husband go fishing whenever he wants. What a woman!

It was great to get Jayne on TNS Radio. What a woman!
It was great to get Jayne on TNS Radio. What a woman!

Finally, I’m still in shock, but Cortez Belle actually got a correct prediction. He must have typed the wrong numbers when he texted me because he went for a 3-1 TNS win. Mind you, even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually. Whatever you do though, don’t get betting on Mr. Belle’s predictions, you’ll soon end up penniless. Trust me, this is a one-off.

Well done though to Sarah Roberts and Tallie Brazier who also went 3-1. Going back a week, it was Chrissy Breeze, Lylle Williams, Moya Jackson and Tallie Brazier (again) whom all #BeatTheBelle in the Newtown AFC game by going 3-0 to TNS.


Let’s see what Cortez goes for this week. Oh and by the way, well done Mr. Belle. I do love him really! On a serious note, he is one of those people, since my involvement in Welsh football, that I’ve come to appreciate very much. I value our friendship very much, and among my treasured Welsh football memorabilia collection is a signed shirt from the man himself.

Have a great week and feel free to contact me at stewart.bloor@tnsfc.co.uk