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Welcome to the latest Rev’s Ramblings. This one goes out very early on Boxing Day, so the massive game later today – plus the one in a few days time – will feature in next Monday’s column.

Talking of games, and in particular the TNS Radio cake that accompanies them, last week’s at gap Connah’s Quay proved to be very much appreciated. The Brazier family – Ian, Tallie and Cady – munched a few slices between them at half-time.

Cake-munching at Connah's Quay
Cake-munching at Connah’s Quay

Plus, Steve Saunders’ other half, Rachael, and their little girl, Leila, who were watching the game also enjoyed some. I love the photo of the girls, which was a Rachael selfie, so much so that it’s featured here.

Also, I’ve got to mention the cake monster himself, Graeme Classon. If there isn’t a cake, watching his reaction is like the little boy who didn’t get what he wanted on Christmas Day. On that subject, hopefully Santa was very kind to you.

Rachael and Leila
Rachael and Leila

As always, the links flow seamlessly, and so talking of little boys, did you see the message that the players sent to Bradley Lowery? He’s been in the news a lot in recent weeks, but sadly it’s not good.

If you’re not aware, he’s terminally ill and has just months to live. As a football fan he has captured the hearts and minds of those involved in the beautiful game. His one request has been to receive as many Christmas cards as possible, hence that’s why we got involved.

The card by the way, was made by my wife, Debby. She bakes the TNS Radio cake as well. She’s very talented. She also lets me go fishing whenever I want. What a woman!

Finally, it was another humbling experience to visit the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt hospital with the players last week. In particular, the session which was organised by TNS Foundation, took in the Alice Ward for children.

Visiting the Alice ward
Visiting the Alice ward

It’s important to spread some cheer all year round, not just at this time of the year. Nevertheless, it’s all about making a difference in the lives of other people, who whether permanent or temporary, are less fortunate than us at that moment in time.

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