Flying The Flag For Welsh Football In Dublin – Rev's Ramblings

A week ago today I was in Dublin at the FA Ireland headquarters. What was I doing there? Well, back in December I received an email from the FAI…

I’m touching base with a proposition for you to act as a guest speaker at our annual League of Ireland Media Workshop on Monday, January 23.

This happens ahead of each season, where we invite representatives from clubs and the media to engage with a session designed to help clubs enhance their media operations, content output, marketing campaigns and community links.

In 2017, we are aiming to improve all aspects of our coverage of the League, which kicks off on February 24, but the purpose of the Workshop is mainly to provide the clubs with assistance and new ideas – particularly from the guest speakers who have great experience.

The work that you have done – and continue to do – at The New Saints has been very impressive and we believe that our clubs could learn a lot from you. So essentially, we would invite you to do a presentation on the challenges that your club faces and what initiatives have worked (or the ones that didn’t work) to increase attendances and supporter interaction.

I felt thrilled that the work being done at TNS had reached the eyes and ears of the national association of Ireland. With a couple of places available, I was originally travelling with Ian Williams, but due to a last-minute change of circumstances I set off for Birmingham airport alone.

I had to get a selfie, this one was outside the FAI

The dress code requested by the FAI was ‘smart, casual’, so for someone who is in TNS gear all the while, I had to raid my wardrobe for something else. I still had a TNS jacket though, after all, wearing the brand is also flying the flag.

In full flow representing TNS (Photo: Seb Daily / Sportsfile)

The workshop itself went really well, with other guest speakers from Aberdeen and Colchester United, who had been invited due to specifics in their club that had caught the attention of the FAI. I got on well with their media representatives and we stayed up till after midnight in the hotel, chatting and sharing.

It was a real honour to not only be flying the flag for The New Saints but also for Welsh football as a whole. Although we all have our own areas of work and responsibility within our respective clubs, ultimately it is about the big picture. Of course, I want to be a good ambassador for TNS but also for the game in Wales as well.

Flying the flag for Welsh football (Photo: Seb Daily / Sportsfile)

The FAI ran a piece on their own website about the event and you can read that BY CLICKING HERE. It was great that they used the photograph of our presentation for the piece. I really enjoyed being there and my personal football memorabilia collection grew, courtesy of the FAI goody-bag.

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