TNS And RUKGroup… Everyone's A Winner – Rev's Ramblings

The obvious reason for any sponsorship deal in the world of football is to promote the sponsoring company through the achievements of the club, both on and off the field of play. That’s why you see advertising boards around grounds, images on programme covers and logos across shirts, to name just a few ways in which sponsorship works.

From the start of this season, even a casual outside observer will have noticed the company name RUKGroup appearing around Park Hall – and beyond. Specialising in recycling and based in Cheshire. but with an outlet in Oswestry, the company’s blue and white logo must be more than familiar to most in the area by now.

The recent cup final shirts, complete with sponsor’s name on the front

The purpose of this week’s Rev’s Ramblings, however, is to do more than add further promotion-fuel to an already nicely burning fire. The angle that I’m coming is the personal one. As well as a successful partnership developing between company and club, away from the pounds, shillings and pence of sponsorship deals, some very nice friendships are being made.

On a personal level it’s been great to initially meet, and then get to know, Jayne, Neil and Simon. Even though their involvement with the club is just months old, it seems like they’ve been part of the set-up forever. Part of the furniture but in the nicest possible sense.

Very generous Christmas donation to RJAH Hospital

Over the Christmas period, the company made a very generous pledge to make a donation to charity based on how many goals TNS would score in the Cefn Druids double-header. The money went to our very own Steve and Judy Barnfield’s kitty as they raise funds, via the London marathon, for the local Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (RJAH) Hospital.

It wasn’t a donation based on publicity, but a genuine desire to make a difference. In fact, although it was covered via TNS and RJAH Hospital media platforms, the initiative for that came from us.

It was great to get Jayne on TNS Radio. What a woman!

It’s also been great to get Jayne on TNS Radio. I like Jayne, she’s really nice, and when she told me she lets her husband go fishing whenever he likes, the affection levels went through the roof. As I said in the Rev’s Ramblings column at that time, what a woman!

The partnership between TNS and RUKGroup is a model one as far as I’m concerned. Yes, the business-side of things is going well and is mutually beneficial. However, equally positive are the friendships and relationships that have been birthed and matured between people.

As far as I’m concerned, in the words of the old Hot Chocolate song, Everyone’s A Winner.

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