The Champions Of Wales Meet Darth Vader – Rev's Ramblings

Following the day trip to the Irn-Bru factory with Paul Harrison, last weekend was the real thing as we headed north once more, this time as a team.

With players and staff making their way there via a number of ways, the collective journey itself  began at Warrington Bank Quay, as we all boarded the train to Glasgow Central.

I sat next to Rebecca from Penrith, and as she was very friendly and up for it, did an interview with her on TNS social media. This is where Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope are very good, as far as engaging with people are concerned.

Whether new fans, yet-to-be ones, local people or those from around the other side of the world, it’s all about reaching out and presenting a good, positive image for the club.

I do enjoy these random encounters. They aren’t planned, and of course not scripted, but they always flow well. That’s the key, you have to read people and situations. You can’t just go charging in and violating people’s space.

The three principles that I try to apply are a) I’ll never do anything that embarrasses the person b) I’ll never do anything that embarrasses the club and c) I’ll never do anything that embarrasses me.

It’s great to be pioneering this type of engagement via modern media – many clubs aren’t doing this sort of thing (yet) – but there’s always a line that you don’t cross. Which is why you don’t have to worry if you see me lurking with my iPad!

The trip itself – other than the result, of course – was great. I even managed a dabble with my telescopic rod in the River Clyde after the working day was over. Things to do on a Saturday night in Glasgow is what I would have called this blog, other than the fact something else stole the show.

My personal memorabilia collection took a massive hit, courtesy of Gerard Sweeney and a  St. Mirren tracksuit top. I took it into the home dressing room and got it signed by the players, so that’s now on display with all the other items I’ve amassed. Diolch, Gerard!

It was great to meet Stefanie Smith again. If you read my blog regularly then you’ll know she visited Park Hall, on behalf of BBC Alba, a week or so ago. This time we were both much busier, but not too busy for a selfie. You have to get your priorities right.

Finally, on the way back home we met up with Spencer Wilding. Search him on the internet and you’ll see what movies he’s been in, including playing the part of Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Just like Rebecca from Penrith, you read the situation right and you’ve got an interview going. I invited him to a game, hopefully it will come off. If it does, we’ll certainly be publicising it. So, as they say, watch this space. A game on May the fourth would be perfect.

It’s a poor quality photo due to the light but it’s with Spencer Wilding so it’s included. Anyway, it captures the moment! The champions of Wales meet Darth Vader!



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