Out On The Town With Leca – Rev's Ramblings

Prior to every home game, I go into Oswestry on what we call the Town Tour. It involves asking businesses and shops to display a poster for the fixture, and in return they get publicity via photographs that we publish through our social media platforms.

Spotting Mihai Leca who had just finished training at Park Hall, as I was ready to depart on a poster-displaying venture, I asked him if he wanted to come along. He’s now moved into Oswestry, so after going home to get changed into some TNS clothes, we hit the town together.

Normally I am alone and it goes very well. Not only is it about getting a poster in a shop window, which is a short-term tick for that game, but there’s also the long-term strategy of engaging with the wider community. However, when I take a player along (Tom Matthews did it recently), it does go to another level.

First call was the Oswestry Advertizer office and as well as meeting everyone (and of course, getting the poster up), Leca was interviewed by editor, Colin Channon. I took lots of photographs during the afternoon and also some footage that went out on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Just like Tom before him, Leca was brilliant. By his own admission, he struggles sometimes with English, especially when people speak with an accent or quickly. Especially both at the same time! However, even in the couple of weeks he’s been here, I’ve noticed a big improvement. Not that his English was poor before, it wasn’t, but you know what I mean.

I enjoy the contact that I have with the players, I like them all, and as far as I’m concerned I get on well with them. Leca is no exception. From the time I first met him, and interviewed him for the club site, I liked him. He was really good on the Town Tour as well. If you’re not aware, he is a Romanian U-21 international but there’s nothing in his character or disposition that suggests that. It’s gentleness and humility all the way.

On my side though, I made a big thing about his international status. Along with full internationals Greg Draper (New Zealand), Steve Evans (Wales) and Steve Saunders (Scotland) plus fellow U-21 Ryan Brobbel (Northern Ireland), I think it’s great that we have such representation within the TNS squad. It’s something that needs to be shouted about.

The visit to the Shropshire Star also produced another interview, with Sue Austin doing the honours this time. Numerous photos followed and you can see some of them in this week’s column, along with the footage from the Advertizer.

We also paid a visit to the Eastern European Food Store in town where we met Stefan, who is originally from Bulgaria. Leca’s eyes lit up when he saw several food products from his home country. I guess it would be like us walking down a street in some far-flung city and we come across a fish and chip shop.


Stewart Bloor, Media & Communications Officer at The New Saints FC. Feel free to contact me, especially so if you’d like a Town Tour visit: stewart.bloor@tnsfc.co.uk