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Variety is the spice of life, so they say. Well, I’ve never worked out who ‘they’ are, but one thing I will say is that they’re spot-on. The saying fits my own involvement with TNS perfectly, and as an example here’s an insight into what I got up to on a selected day.

Last Wednesday began bright and early. Not quite in step with the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper classic, ‘She’s Leaving Home’, which kicks off with ‘Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins’, for those who don’t know. But not much after.

A meeting at The Venue about technical equipment for TNS Radio was followed by a visit to Gobowen Primary School. Hosted by Naomi Stocker and Shelly McGlinchey, TNS Foundation was running an healthy eating and zumba workshop.

Both facets of the event were very well received and when it came to the zumba, both children and staff participated to the max. It was great to see one and all thoroughly enjoying themselves.

I was there covering the event for social media. With Facebook and Twitter our main line of promotion, both were busy with videos and photographs. In addition, a website post was produced that itself was promoted via social media.

Following the trip to Gobowen, another school was on the agenda. Again with TNS Foundation, this time it was The Marches in Oswestry. A lunchtime sports-taster was the project and as previously, I was there to cover it for social media.

The two players who accompanied me on the road trip were Andy Wycherley and Ryan Pryce. Both started against Cardiff Met on Saturday by the way, with the former making his Dafabet Welsh Premier League debut.

Then it was back to Park Hall to cover the E1 Scholars who were playing Cirencester College. Two were in action who have featured in the first team this season – Aron Jones and Jacob Farleigh. With such a strong starting line-up it was no surprise that TNS took a well-deserved 3-0 lead.

However, the visitors hit back and ended up 4-3 winners in the end. Following the game I headed home myself, where I wrapped up the evening replying to emails. I do get quite a few during the course of a day and always reply to them within a reasonable time. It’s best to be ahead of yourself as opposed to playing catch-up.

One of the mails I received on Wednesday was from Japan’s Fuji TV. They produce a popular (1 million viewers per show) football programme, and with both the success of the national side and TNS, they wanted to travel to Wales to do some filming.

The original contact, via UEFA, had come some weeks previously, so with their visit scheduled for the Cardiff MET game, this was about final details. Everything went very well on the day, by the way, and the finished piece will be out at the end of the month so that will be shared in due course.

So, that’s an insight into last Wednesday. I can confidently say that it was totally unique and the sequence of events and locations will never happen again on one day. In fact, looking back over the week, every day was different. But good. Indeed, variety really is the spice of life.


Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog insight into my work at TNS from a personal perspective. Feel free to contact me: stewart.bloor@tnsfc.co.uk

Stewart Bloor – Media & Communications Officer