Rev's Ramblings – More Than Just Football

It’s an oft-used statement that TNS is more than just a football club, and likewise, it’s equally true that matchdays are more than just 90 minutes of football. Certainly from my own perspective.

Last Friday saw the visit of Guinness World Records’ Paul and Ollie, who were at Park Hall to do some Facebook Live filming ahead of the game. I’d been in contact with Lindsay, from New York, for some weeks regarding the visit.

GWR is a world-wide organisation and I realised early on in the discussions how privileged we were to host them again, following on from Anna’s recent visit when we were presented with the official certificate for consecutive wins.

The video they produced can be viewed on the GWR Facebook page via the embedded tweet below. Both Paul and Ollie thoroughly enjoyed their time with us, and it was great to hear them singing our praises when I took them back to their hotel after the game.

I really enjoyed doing TNS Radio during the match itself. Joining me on air was Joe, who is part of the media team that we’re building, in conjunction with Wrexham’s Glyndwr University. It was his third game and he’s settling in nicely

We had lots of guests on air with us, so as well as commentary there was plenty of chat. From Graham, our loyal fan in Huddersfield, through to Millie, who was a mascot for the evening, they were all great.

It’s the interaction with the guests that really makes the show and gives it a unique, personal identity. As well as people in the flesh, we had messages from Chairman Mike Harris, who was the other side of the world in South Africa.

Finally, it was great to take Ella and her uncle, Karl, to meet the players after the game for photos and autographs. It was Ella’s first game at Park Hall and as well as being a mascot she got the ‘tunnel experience’ afterwards. It’s where we ‘ambush’ the players as they leave the changing room.

We’ve done this a few times now and the feedback has been very encouraging. In fact, if you’d like to experience this for your own child / children, get in touch with me and it will be arranged.

There’s no charge, it’s all free. It’s all part of our desire to network with young fans and build relationships with supporters. For me personally, the looks on the faces of the youngsters when they meet the players in person is priceless.

In addition, the parents’ response is equally encouraging. This was posted on our Facebook page in relation to Ella’s experience on Friday evening: ‘She was buzzing when she got home. Thank you to everyone involved in making her night.’

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