Wolves, Come And Get Me – Rev's Ramblings

I was with our U-11s at the Sir Jack Hayward complex during the week. Home to all things Wolverhampton Wanderers outside of Molineux, the facilities are premier league, even if the team isn’t at this moment in time.

Hailing from the area myself, I went to my first game at Molineux in 1963, and prior to getting involved with TNS, I was a season ticket holder in the South Bank.

My youngest daughter, Miriam, was Wolves-mad when she was growing up and I had visited the training ground many times during school holidays to watch the players train.

Back then you just drove to the portacabins, where the players changed, and parked on the grass alongside their cars. I remember once having Kenny Miller on one side and Jo Lescott the other.


How times have changed. Now the site is secure and I was questioned by the staff at the entrance before they let me in. Many grounds are like this at the top end of the English system.

It has been easier gettting into Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Hungary and San Marino in the last two seasons with TNS than it is to cross the threshold of a top-flight English club.

TNS Academy, along with Liverpool, Oxford United, Port Vale, Wrexham, and of course the hosts, were there competing in the Wolverhampton Wanderers Cup 2017.

Although we didn’t win, it was a great experience for all concerned. Including me. There to cover the tournament from TNS’ media perspective, it was the first time in 54 years, since I went to my first game, that I’ve ever been to Wolves in any capacity other than a fan.


It’s ‘my’ club and it’s just minutes away from where I live – plus people are always asking me if Wolves would be my dream job – yet it didn’t have any effect on me. Of course it was great to be there, but that was because it was with TNS.

I did jest though on my own social media accounts, as you can see from the embedded tweets. That’s all they were however,  jokes. I couldn’t resist the headline this week though. It’s what they call clickbait. I guarantee it will work as well!


Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly insight into my involvement with TNS from a personal perspective.

Stewart Bloor – Media & Communications Officer.