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Following the closure of TNS’ season, I was back in Wales a day later. This time though it was nothing to do with football but rather a holiday with my wife, Debby.

With a four-day break booked just outside Barmouth, we were looking forward to it. I never take a complete rest from TNS though, so the ongoing social media interaction, emails, website posts and so on still continued.

Croeso i Abermaw / Welcome to Barmouth

The thing is though, I don’t mind. My iPad’s always on and connected and I enjoy what I do, so in that sense it’s like a hobby, where it’s a pleasure and never a burden.

Plus, it’s like not like I’m sitting there working away for eight hours solid. I’m the master of multi-tasking and have conquered the art of making the most of the time I have. It’s all about being proactive rather than reactive.

I even went fishing in my TNS gear

My holiday clothes consisted of TNS tops, tracksuit and jacket. It was nice to dress up for the recent Jeff Stelling event but I’m more comfortable in casual sports wear. Plus I’m a walking advert for the Welsh champions.

Typical of other holidays, which have all been in Wales, not one comment was made by anyone. That’s the challenge for all of us that love the domestic game – how to create a bigger platform for Welsh football.

Flying the flag in Barmouth – send us your holiday shots

One way is to wear – whatever team you support – your colours with pride. And on that, if you’re on holiday this year, send me your photographs in TNS gear and we’ll publicise them through the club website and social media platforms.


Stewart Bloor – Media & Communications Officer

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