Champions League Statistics – Rev's Ramblings

With just a few weeks to go before our 2017 / 2018 Champions League adventures begin, here are some TNS-related statistics from the competition. They make encouraging reading and you can see just how far the club has come on the European front, especially in the last two seasons.

Certainly domestically in recent years, whenever we are mentioned it’s normally as number one. However, in one table we are listed as 151st and yet there’s no reason to be unduly concerned.

What am I referring to? It’s the UEFA Champions League club rankings. As you can see from the statistics, we have played 26 games over 10 seasons and in the process we have won 6, drawn 4 and lost 16.

However, to bring that into perspective, our last two Champions League campaigns have seen a return of 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. When you look at the big picture, that shows just how far we have progressed.

The statistics would be even more impressive if you were including just 90 minutes, as our 1-1 game at Videoton was actually 1-0 prior to extra time.

Legends have graced the Park Hall 3G, here’s the Champions League trophy

We have participated in the competition on ten occasions, yet two-thirds of our wins have come in the last two seasons, while the same period has provided 50% of our draws.

From 2014 through 2016 we have remained unbeaten in 6 out of 8 games.

The early years contribute to a goal difference of minus 19 (scored 24 and conceded 43), while based on two points for a win we have 16 in the UEFA table.

Again though, to show how far we have matured in the competition, 50% of our Champions League goals (12) have come in the last two seasons, which represents just 20% in terms of annual participation.

In other words, half of our goals have been scored in one-fifth of the seasons (2014-2016) that we have played in.

The 151st placing sees us way behind the likes of Real Madrid (1st with 550 points) and Manchester United (354 in 4th) but ahead of Derby County, Everton and Wolverhampton Wanderers!