Video Killed The Radio Star – Rev's Ramblings

Without the need to visit the search engine, those of us of a certain age will immediately remember the song title in the heading of this week’s Rev’s Ramblings. Released by Buggles at the end of the seventies, the song was acknowledging new technology while at the same time showing concerns about its effects.

Well, since 1978 it is true to say that the technological acceleration that we have witnessed has been incredible. I am old enough to remember playing 78s on a record player whereas now all my music is streamed via Spotify. That’s just one example.

That’s the key – we have to adapt and move on otherwise we will get left behind. I occasionally meet people who work in media but they ‘don’t believe in Facebook’ or ‘don’t understand Twitter’. That’s not a criticism by the way, just highlighting that we need to embrace and progress.

The latest output from the TNS media camp is a weekly video podcast and, as I write, we have now released two episodes. They are insights into what’s going on at Park Hall – and beyond – with interviews and footage.

They are in effect short news programmes, that among other things, provide a shop-front window into the wider ongoing work at TNS. The aim is to produce something between 10-15 minutes each week. As they are filmed in HD it takes about 6 hours of upload time for every 15 minutes of final video.

Then, of course, there’s not just the filming itself but the numerous clips that go with each interview. However, if a job is worth doing and all that. Why not take a look at the ones that have been published so far. See what you think and let us know.

Next week’s is a TNS Ladies special that also includes an exclusive interview with BBC Bargain Hunt’s Eric Knowles at Park Hall. You can subscribe to all future uploads – plus all other videos – via our YouTube channel.

Finally, video may have killed Buggles’ radio star but not at The New Saints, as TNS Radio is now back on air in conjunction with the pre-season games getting underway. You can listen via the link here on match days that appears ahead of kick-off. We look forward to your company.


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