Rev’s Ramblings – Croatia, It Really Is A Beautiful Country

I often write the column in a specific and unique place, and this week’s is no different as the finger hit the keyboard in the bus on the way to Pula airport.

Yes, as I type it’s almost the end of our Croatian adventure and apart from the result – of course – it was an amazing five days.

The view from the hotel terrace

Compared to last week’s trip to Portugal, which for me was a ‘flying visit’, both literally and metaphorically, the extra days and nights gave it a different feel.

What a beautiful country Croatia is and certainly where we stayed, in the seaside resort of Opatija, it was a great all-round experience.

I met a nice bird at the pool

When I was a kid we went to Rhyl every year for our annual vacation and whenever I visit places like this I always feel very appreciative of the places that football has taken me.

The players departed a day earlier, but due to flight limitations, I had an extra night and two days. I still had TNS-related things to, do with everything from website updates through to the usual ever-constant stream of emails to deal with.

Croatian TV interviewing Scott Ruscoe

However, as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, with visits to the pool, a birdwatching walk round the local park where I saw my first common rosefinch and a fishing session at the harbour, I wasn’t exactly twiddling my thumbs.

A Mediterranean damselfish

The day – and beyond – was seen out with a night-on-the-town, so to speak, with Mike and Euan Harris and Ian and Jacob Williams. Walking back to my hotel in the early hours, still in short-sleeves, shorts and flip-flops it was still incredibly warm.

As I had been thinking since I arrived, I must bring my wife here for a holiday. In fact that sentiment was echoed by a number of players I chatted with. Croatia, it really is a beautiful country.


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