On The Road Again – Rev’s Ramblings

When our Champions League campaign came to an end it was anything but a full stop as far as my travelling adventures were concerned. It might be Cardiff instead of Croatia but I still enjoy being out and about. Whether in the air or on the road, it’s all good.

Last week saw another mode of transport kick in – the train. With the Irn-Bru Cup draw taking place in Glasgow, along with our photographer, Brian Jones, and star defender, Steve Saunders, I made my way to bonnie Scotland.

Up bright and early, I was on the train at Wolverhampton, joined by the others at Warrington. For the previous round, I was on my own so it was great to have Brian and Steve, as it meant we could do so much more for the club in terms of media coverage.

As soon as we got outside Glasgow Central, I interviewed Steve on the street, with Brian filming. I could see lots of people staring as they went past, as they do. Well, decked out in our TNS gear, let’s hope they noticed that and more Saints’ seeds were sown.

It was a short taxi ride to the Riverside Museum, just long enough to upload the video to TNS TV’s YouTube channel. Once there, we were greeted by the familiar faces of the Irn-Bru team, who I’ve got to know over the time we have been involved in the competition.

One thing that we should never underestimate is the power of personal relationship. It might not appear on a balance sheet but it’s impact is immeasurable. The friendships that we’ve birthed and nurtured with both Irn-Bru and the SPFL have become extremely positive.

Full steam ahead at the Irn-Bru Cup draw

From a club perspective, the draw itself was very kind to us. There’s no such thing as an ‘easy’ game but Elgin City at home was one of the best combinations available. I’m not being disrespectful in any way, shape or form to our opponents of course, just stating fact.

On a personal level though, wishing to feed the ground hopping beast that lives within me, I wanted an away draw at anywhere other than St Mirren, where we played last season. Well, hopefully I’ll be back north of the border in due course and we’ll be on the road ourselves in the quarter-finals.

Brian was like a pig in mud, happily snapping away, not only during the draw itself but also around it as well. The setting of the museum – which is dedicated to transport – produced some excellent backdrops for photographs.

Interviewing Steve alongside the River Clyde

I also did my second interview with Steve there, and although it was a little windy at times, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of filming alongside the Clyde with an old traditional ship in the background.

It was also good to meet Steve’s mom, Mary, as well. With him being back in his native Glasgow it was the perfect opportunity for a get-together for the two.

It was another long day for me, up at 6.00 am and back home at 8.30 pm, yet it didn’t feel a burden at all. I really enjoy travelling with, and on behalf of, The New Saints.

Finally, I have borrowed heavily from the world of music in recent blog entries and this week’s heading comes courtesy of Canned Heat, although technically it was more track than tarmac but you know what I mean. Have a great week and I’ll see you next Monday with the next installment.


Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog following my personal journey with the champions of Wales. All photos this week courtesy of Brian Jones.

Stewart Bloor

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