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Monday blues? Not for me, here’s an insight into some of the things I got up to last Monday.

Up bright and early, the first port of call was to visit Chairman Mike Harris. He’s been nominated for two entrepreneur awards and my first job of the day was to interview him and prepare a TNS website piece.

In addition, I filmed three short clips that I sent to Nat West, the sponsors of the award, for their website. They were all interaction footage films of Mike – looking over the Foundation website, answering the phone and about to have a business meeting.

From there it was straight over to Park Hall as the team were in training. Already on the pitch when I arrived, I went and joined them. Well, not literally but rather alongside them taking photographs and recording live on TNS’ social media platforms.

Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are very popular and they continue to grow in terms of people reached. The footage of the players training, as always, was well received. If you’re on those mediums then make sure you give us a ‘like’ and a ‘follow’.

I noticed a family watching the training from the balcony. Introduced to them by Ian Williams when I made my way off the pitch, it turned out they were over from New Zealand and because of the Greg Draper connection had decided to pay us a visit at Park Hall.

Brian Jones was around, so we got some photographs and this was followed by Jago getting a pair of shorts signed by the players after training. He didn’t want his shirt covered in signatures as he intends to wear that.

Following that, it was off to visit Roger Parker, our Referee Liason Officer. Recovering from a stroke I had already asked if it was ok to pop in and see him. What he didn’t know was that I was going to take a player with me as a surprise.

Chris Marriott was available and was very cooperative when I asked him if he would join me and Brian. We got some photographs and had a good time with Roger and if you follow the TNS media output then you’ve probably seen the website piece that followed.

I like the human-interest stories that we feature on the site and across social media. You often hear criticism of football clubs as not being interested in people. Well, I can’t answer for others as that is not my responsibility but as far as TNS is concerned that is most definitely not the case.

Monday blues? Up at 7.00 am and back home at 8.30 pm, for most people that would be a nightmare start to the working week. For me though it was anything but. In the words of Mamas & Papas, Monday, Monday, so good to me.


Stewart Bloor – Media & Communications Officer 

Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog insight into my ongoing adventures with the Welsh champions. 



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