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Last Saturday I picked up Ryan Leak in Wolverhampton, and then Andy Wycherley in Telford, as we made our way to Park Hall for the game against Elgin City.

Once we had Andy in the car, I also took the opportunity to record the journey. With my iphone on the windshield, TNS Facebook Live picked up the conversation.

You do have to be careful with these sort of things – not from the perspective in this case of what was said, as the players were great, but rather how does it come across in terms of club representation.

Whenever I do anything from a media angle with TNS I have three principles that I adhere to. I will never do anything that embarrasses the club, embarrasses the other person or embarrasses me.

This is important because sometimes you do see clubs posting things on social media that make you cringe. Especially once you drop down the leagues, the general level of professionalism also sometimes falls away, and in some cases, quite sharply as well.

Now, I’m not being critical so don’t misunderstand me but as far as my own personal output is concerned, I want to keep it firmly on the right side of the line.

It doesn’t mean to say that you have to be straight down the line though, far from it and back to the topic of this week’s column, I thought it was good content.

It gives an insight into the lives of players that you don’t get from a conventional post-match interview type situation. The feedback has been good as well. You can check it out for yourself via the link below.

On The Road With Ryan Leak And Andy Wycherley


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