Birds And The Dancing Chairman, It’s All About Carpe Diem – Rev’s Ramblings

I like writing this column, with the freedom to weave in whatever comes to the fore at that time. A couple of weeks ago it was dedicated to the birds that I’ve seen while on TNS duty.

Now although no-one said anything to me, I’m sure some thought to themselves, what an unusual topic to focus on. However, the tweet link was picked up by Birdwatching Magazine – the largest ornithological magazine circulation in the UK – and retweeted.

The column therefore reached a significant number of people – with The New Saints the ultimate winner. For all of us involved with TNS, in whatever capacity, it’s all about looking for opportunities so that we can promote the club.

Sometimes they don’t come off, or at least we can’t see any fruit for our labours at that time. However, other times they take off big-time.

When Ian Williams and Mike Harris were in Europe for the Champions League draw a few seasons ago, our Chairman started dancing to the tune of a street musician.

Ian filmed it on his phone, and the rest as they say, is history. It got picked up by a number of media outlets, including SKY Sports, and the alter ego, now known as The Dancing Chairman, was born.

I was at home in the morning and had the television on in the other room, listening for any news – however brief – on The New Saints.

Well, I got more than a few words as they were showing Mike Harris in all his glory, throwing shapes and singing along on the streets of Nyon. In fact, exceeding Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes, Chairman Mike was headline sports news throughout the day.

They even displayed our tweet saying that not everyone has a dancing chairman, unfortunately we do. The publicity and exposure was immense and it continued for many days after. It still lives on to this day. All because initially, Ian Williams captured the moment.

It was all over the internet, including the DAILY MIRROR where you can watch the video if you’ve never seen it before. It’s funny.

There have been other things that I have thought may have gone to the next level but they didn’t. That’s ok, there’s no harm done, it’s the way these things pan out sometimes.

I wonder what the next big door of opportunity will be that opens for The New Saints? Who knows, it could well be something that you take the initiative on. Stay alert, stay focused but above all, seize the moment when it comes. Carpe diem.





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