Life Begins At 62 For Jonathan Taylor

A few weeks back, Jonathan Taylor attended the Community games in Oswestry. Also there was our hoola hooping specialist, Shelly McGlinchey. In his own words, Jonathan “was a man incapable of spinning a hoop.”

However, under the influence and guidance of Shelly, he not only mastered the art but also caught the bug. “At the tender age of 62, you taught me to hoola hoop.” he enthused.

Since then, Jonathan has bought his own equipment and is dedicated to the cause: I am now spinning hoops morning and night, without fail. I feel really happy and physically better” before adding, jokingly: “Apart from the brusies.”

Jonathan in full flow. The lead photo is with Shelly.

Well, they say that life begins at forty but in Jonathan’s case he has had a new lease at sixty two. You’re never too old to get into hoola hooping – or any other branch of physical activity for that matter.

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