Kick It Out With TNS Foundation

This last week, TNS Foundation has been proud to support the Kick It Out campaign. Launched in 1993, the organisation was originally known as Let’s Kick Football Out Of Racism.

The campaign has been running in Shropshire for more than ten years and The New Saints of Oswestry Town are partners, delivering the programme in association with Shropshire Council and the Shropshire FA.

The Foundation team has been spreading the message through all the groups and sessions during the last week.

Shelly McGlinchey commented: “Each group we interacted with has received freebies, including tee-shirts, wrist bands, badges, stickers and sweets. We have talked about the importance of being aware of racism and discrimination in sport.”

Shelly continued: “One quote from a child that I love is  ‘We might not all look the same on the outside but we are all the same on the inside; we have a heart and feeling’. It says it all really”, she concluded.

The lead photograph is Kiara, proudly displaying her tee-shirt at an after-school club.

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