How Cold Is Cold As The TNS Players Find Out

Earlier today, the playing squad visited Cryozone Health in Shrewsbury. Following the Nathaniel MG Cup semi-final victory the evening before, it was the perfect recovery session, as the ice chamber awaited.

Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time, which in turn proves beneficial to the players in terms of reduced muscle soreness and other such positives.

You can find out more via the Cryozone Health website HERE  where you too can enjoy – or should that be endure – the experience of standing for three minutes in temperatures of around – 86C.

To give you an idea of how cold is cold, the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was in 1983 at the Russian research station in Vostock, Antarctica. This was an amazing -128F / – 89C.

Relatively mild by comparison is the South Pole, which in winter drops to −76 F  / −60 C.

The coldest inhabited place on earth is Oymyakon in Russia where the mercury plunges to -58F  /  -50C in the depths of winter.

We got lots of photographs from the visit and you can view them via our Facebook page HERE.

The business is owned by Lee Morgan, aided and abetted by his parents, Steve and Debbie. It’s a friendly affair and all those who attended from TNS enjoyed the experience very much.

It’s open to the general public as well, with a taster session costing £15. If you want more then you can book 10 visits for £99.

Tony Adams – no, not that Tony Adams – was also in attendance as he snapped away and took notes. Look out for the finished article in local newspapers in due course. Tony is a press and PR consultant by the way and he took the lead photograph in this article.

Back to Lee though, we interviewed him along with our very own Gregg Jones (Assistant Sports Therapist) and you can watch that below. Although not in the world of football, Lee is also an established sportsman in his own right. Check out his website HERE.



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