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My official title at the club is the Media & Communications Officer, which encompasses a wide range of activities. From writing match reports to dealing with the press, if ever the term variety is the spice of life was coined for someone, then I’d say I’m a serious contender.

One other role that I do have though is that of club chaplain. Obviously the name Rev – as most people call me at TNS – gives it away. I’ve been involved in church ministry and leadership for the vast majority of my adult life and I’m currently in my fourth decade following that path.

My personal journey in the last three or four years has been quite interesting. Although there’s been quite a turnaround in terms of focus and accommodation, nevertheless I’ve still been able to continue with the work I’ve always been involved with, albeit with much personal reorganisation.

As well as a registered charity that I run with my wife Debby that works mostly in Africa, I’ve still got a small church that I look after on Sunday mornings. In fact the congregation is brilliant and they are 100% behind the work I’m involved with at TNS.

We even have football-themed services once a month where we invite people to wear a shirt and invariably The New Saints is represented by either Debby or me – or sometimes both of us. The lead photograph is my wife at one of the Sunday meetings.

The function of the chaplain is not necessarily proactive in the sense of going out looking for ‘business’ but rather being there in a reactive way if anyone needs a chat. There are times for most of us when a listening ear – or sometimes more – is required. As club chaplain I’m there for anyone associated with the club, or beyond, remember that.

It’s a very practical application of faith, and looking to develop that, just recently I formally joined Sports Chaplaincy UK (SCUK). There was a piece on the visit of Martin Lewis to Park Hall that you can read HERE.

The organisation has representation right at the very top of the UK sports scene and I’m thrilled that The New Saints is now in the mix as well. SCUK is professionally run and I’ve got involved primarily with the Wales section, which is great.

Aside from football I’m connected with chaplains at the likes of Cardiff Blues Rugby Club and Glamorgan County Cricket Club. Linked via social media, it’s wonderful to hear some great positive feedback from around the country.

Personally, I’m very thankful to The New Saints for both the privilege to serve at Park Hall and to represent the club on the wider stage nationally.

Finally, as per the headline that’s another title-contender for me. As those who serve me at the counter at The Venue will tell you, I really do like my tea.


Stewart Bloor – Media & Communications Officer

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