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I’m in my fourth full season at TNS and in that time the number of postponed games have thankfully been few and far between. Although there was a pitch inspection ahead of last weekend’s Bala Town game, I was already pretty certain that it was going to be off.

That was confirmed early on Saturday morning and with inches of snow on the Maes Tegid surface, it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially once the photographs were published of the ground.

On a personal level, with a three-hour round trip to Park Hall at the best of times, the prospect of battling through snow can increase travel times considerably. With the white stuff beginning to fall early on the Friday morning, the decision to work from home proved to be a wise one.

I came across stories of Oswestry to Shrewsbury taking four hours and Telford to Wolverhampton just half an hour less. All in all I could have flown to the other side of the world in the time it would have taken me to get home from The Venue.

That’s the beauty of my role though at The New Saints, it doesn’t have to be located in one physical place. In fact, aside from the present weather restrictions, I love the fact that I’m not in a Monday through Friday 9-5  job. In terms of the snow itself and what I do, it’s just a mere inconvenience.

I was intending to interview Harry Bower and Ben Clark at Park Hall last Friday as they’re playing at St. George’s Park this week. Due to the conditions, I did it over the phone instead, setting it to speaker and then recording it.

It was then just a case of working through the recording and then transcribing the conversation into a website article. A different route but the destination still very much a satisfactory one.

Although there are plenty of specifics in terms of location being a key factor – games, training, events etc – nevertheless a lot of what I do is free of the restriction of needing to be in a certain place at a particular time.

That’s a big plus for me and although it means I don’t know my completed weekly schedule in advance, as you would in a conventional 9-5 situation, it is definitely something that ticks my box.

I’m often answering emails, writing pieces or taking telephone calls at what many people would describe as an unsociable hour. It’s not an issue for me though and that’s what really counts. In fact, I’m writing this at 8.00 pm on a Monday evening sitting at home on my laptop. The night is but young.

As the world of technology has burst into our lives and changed them forever, so the world of football media has moved on. Although I don’t work 24/7 over seven days a week, I still make myself available at any time to deal with enquiries.

As I recognised way back in the early days of my TNS involvement, it has to be a call and not a job. My situation still invokes amazement from people when they realise just how many miles I travel. Because it’s call though, it’s always a pleasure and never a burden, as the lead photograph at Portugal’s Estádio Algarve highlights perfectly.


Stewart Bloor – Media & Communications Officer at The New Saints FC

Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog insight into my involvement with TNS from a personal perspective.




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