The Annual Visit To RJ&AH’s Alice Ward

Earlier today, players and staff from The New Saints of Oswestry Town visited the nearby Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital. Organised by TNS Foundation, it is an annual trip to the Alice Ward which is the children’s orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation ward.

It is never nice to be in hospital and especially so at this time of the year. Therefore it was very heart-warming to see the genuine cheer that the presence of our players brought into the lives of the children.

One young girl – and we won’t use her name – said to us that she had never had an autograph from a famous person before. Moments later that was remedied as Blaine Hudson and Wes Fletcher signed a matchday programme for her.

There were several such incidents and all of them very special, as lasting impressions were made. In fact all the players were brilliant today. Goody bags were given out containing a number of items, including special invitations to a TNS game.

Many thanks indeed to the staff at RJ&AH, you were all very welcoming and you do a truly wonderful job. And to the amazing children that we met today, have a fantastic Christmas and we would love to see you at The New Saints very soon.

Check out the photograph album. Credit: Brian Jones.


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