No Booker T But We Did Have An MG As Nathaniel Cars Visit Park Hall

Earlier today we welcomed Craig Baker and Matthew Close to Park Hall. The latter will need no introduction to fans of Welsh football as he’s been with the FAW for a while now. The former works for Nathaniel Cars, who of course sponsor the Nathaniel MG Cup.

With The New Saints of Oswestry Town in the final next week (Saturday, January 20) the visit to Park Hall was to film Aeron Edwards and Blaine Hudson. With a camera fitted in the car, the two of them went off on a road trip with their conversation being filmed.

What did they say? Well, when the promotional film is put together all will be revealed. As they say, watch this space.

Azza and Blaine getting ready for their road trip

As you can see from the photographs, not only does the MG look great but the price is pretty decent as well. Why not take a look at the Nathaniel Cars website?

And if you’re wondering what the title is all about, Booker T and The MGs were a well-known soul band in the 1960s. So no Booker T at Park Hall today but we did have a nice shiny blue MG!


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