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It’s been great over the last week or so to get to know our latest signings, Dean Ebbe and Kevin Kauber. While they’re both searching out more permanent places to settle, home for now has been the Travelodge in Oswestry.

Towards the end of the week I collected Dean, to then go to Liverpool Airport, as his partner Danielle was flying in from Dublin. Arriving in reception, I asked the lady behind the counter if she knew what room Dean was in.

I could tell from her response that she wasn’t quite sure without checking but immediately a voice piped up from behind the partition, telling me the number of the room. This was followed almost simultaneously by a grinning face that appeared. It was Kevin Kauber.

He wasn’t moonlighting though, just using the hotel’s computer. At that moment, Dean also arrived and I asked the lady behind the counter if she realised that they had two professional footballers staying there. She didn’t but with the three of them there, I saw a media opportunity.

You have to read people and sensing there were no issues when I asked, I promptly took a photograph of Erica flanked by Dean and Kevin. Making sure we got the Travelodge logo in the next thing was to share it on social media, including tagging the hotel company in.

Knowing the reach / likes / RTs etc of our social media account, these are the type of shots that always get a very good response. They’re the ones that I would describe as creative thinking, when you’re looking to make the most of an opportunity.

They’re the sort of insights into the life of the club and the players that people like to see. Stills or footage of players getting off the team bus, eating together or some other random everyday event are always well received. Video clips of players on the coach travelling to a game are just as popular, if not more, than the same on the training pitch.

To raise your game in the world of football social media – or anything else for that matter – you don’t need to become controversial or push the boundaries into grey areas. Sensationalism isn’t long-lasting and you find yourself having to constantly come up with even more bizarre things to stay ahead.

Instead, just think outside the box. Look at creative ways to do something that’s different. Expanding into new territory may have risks especially if you’re the sort who can sometimes go too far. We all need to know where the line is.

I have three principles that I abide by when doing anything for The New Saints: Firstly, I will never do anything that embarrasses the club. Secondly, I will not cause the other person involved to feel uncomfortable and thirdly, I won’t do anything that would compromise my own integrity.

Make the most of every media opportunity and in the process be friendly, informal and easy-going. Above all though, maintain a professional approach. Which also applies to what you post on your own social media accounts not just the club’s by the way.


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