Par 5 Foundation Supports The Work Of TNS Foundation

Earlier today, we were privileged to welcome Par 5 Foundation’s (P5F) Alun Jones to Park Hall. P5F is a charitable trust that provides financial and material assistance to disadvantaged individuals and organisations and operates in the Shropshire and Welsh border counties area.

The purpose of Alun’s visit to Park Hall was to present a £500 cheque to TNS Foundation. Received formally by the Foundation’s Gill Jones and Danny Bell, the finance is specifically for holiday activities in the villages of Gobowen, St Martins and Weston Rhyn for projects during 2018/2019.

We chatted with Alun while he was with us and asked him first of all, how the connection came about between P5F and TNS Foundation. “It all began when I had an email from Gill” he explained “asking if we could make a donation to TNS Foundation.” 

With the work that is done by TNS meeting the criteria the next step was an internal discussion. “We had a meeting with our Par 5 committee and we agreed to donate £500 and that’s why I’m here today.” he continued.

Par 5 Foundation began life in 2007 and since that time has raised in excess of £75,000 and as Alun added, “It all helps the local community. We donate in the wider local area and the likes of schools, colleges and hospitals have all benefited.” 

Was this his first visit to Park Hall though, we asked him, to which he replied, “No, I’ve been here before. I’ve been to watch a few TNS games and it’s a very impressive set-up. It’s pretty unique for the local community to have a facility like this, especially in this area. Whenever I’ve been here it’s always been very well used.”

Gill with Alun (centre) and Danny

At the same time we also spoke with Gill, who is the TNS Foundation Officer. “It is a very generous donation and we are really grateful. I’ve approached a number of funders as we look to provide holiday activities for young people aged 4-14 years across the area.” She began, before continuing, “This donation in particular is to support the activities in Gobowen, St Martins and Weston Rhyn and we aim to provide an activity each day and a free lunch for the children who attend during the holidays.”

Having already heard from Alun regarding the coming together of the two Foundations, how did it happen from Gill’s perspective: “It was actually a conversation with one of our other funders, who mentioned Par 5 Foundation.” she replied.

From that, she took the initiative, as she explained: “They’re a local charity supporting local activities, so I thought it’s worth an approach. I had a great response from Alun and the results of the donation will be seen from Easter when we will be out and about.”

The New Saints is very appreciative of the donation and you can read more about the work of Par 5 Foundation via their website.





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