The Spider Ede Appeal – Please Give Generously

In and around the Dumbarton game on Saturday, you may notice some collecting buckets doing the rounds.They are for the Spider Ede Appeal. Below is a letter (originally an email) from Kevin King, explaining what it’s all about. Please give generously.


Some of you maybe already aware, most probably not, but just before Christmas my cousin’s 3-year-old daughter Edie was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour (DIPG). The only hope she has is if we raise £300,000 for treatment/operations in Mexico.

I would appreciate it if we could spread this email far and wide and hopefully people can follow on social media (listed below), as we try and raise the funds through different fundraising events.

For those fortunate to be in the position to donate I have listed the link below. Here you can also read the story in full.

Donation link

Charity Registered Number : 1174333

Twitter : @spideredeappeal
Facebook: The Spider-Ede Appeal
Instagram: the_spider_ede_appeal
LinkedIn : no account directly (I have shared the link on my profile )

Thanks for taking time to read my email and hopefully we can raise the required amount to at least give Edie a chance. Please forward on to everyone and everybody.
Our family and friends are very appreciative of all the support so far.



Kevin King


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