Harry Bower Returns From International Duty

Recently we’ve had a number of players throughout the TNS system involved in international call-ups. One of them is Harry Bower who has been featuring regularly in the England Colleges FA set-up. His latest involvement saw him travel with the squad to Italy for the Roma Caput Mundi Tournament. Prior to the event we ran a piece on our website: Harry Bower Selected For International Tournament In Italy With England

Now that he’s back, we took the opportunity to catch up with Harry and see how the trip to the continent went.



Harry, it’s been a busy week for you in Italy, what was it like travelling as part of an international set-up?

It was very exciting travelling with England Colleges as I hadn’t even had a full conversation with all the players and didn’t really know anyone fully. It was different to anything I’d ever been involved in.


Tell us about the tournament as a whole?

The tournament almost started with a win against Romania, but were unlucky to lose on penalties. Then the second game was the one I started.


Of course, what we all want to know is, how did your own game-time go? With different opposition to what you’re normally used to, how noticeable was the change in level, if any?

I thought I did well in some aspects, but playing out of position was always going to be tough against better opposition, especially with the size and physicality of the Italians.

Then the final game against Welsh Colleges ended the tournament with a 5-1 win.


Looking back, what positive changes did the time in Italy bring into your life, both as a footballer and as a person?

The experience was brilliant and it was a great thing to be a part of. Being one of only two first year players, it gives me the opportunity to be involved again next year. As a team we have analysed negative points about myself that I can work on as well as positives from my time in Italy.


Harry, everyone at The New Saints is incredibly proud of your involvement in the England Schools FA set-up and we wish you the very best for the future.


Lead photograph: A proud Harry Bower about to take to the field of play to represent his country.


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