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I would say most football fans have a collection of sorts as far as memorabilia is concerned. Even if it’s just a few programmes from when they went to their first games as a child.

Then you get the real hardcore magpies, whose gathering of football-related items becomes a serious – not to mention all-consuming – takeover of their lives.

My collection is somewhere inbetween. It’s more than just a box of programmes in the attic; on the other hand it hasn’t taken over the attic. Yet. The uniqueness of mine, as far as I’m concerned, is that’s it’s all highly personal.

It all began when I picked up a microphone for the very first time on TNS Radio and I was also given a team sheet. I thought to myself, you can’t throw that away and without realising it, a collection was birthed

From that humble beginning I’ve added some really interesting but above highly personal items. Every one carries a story that means something to me.

H’s Irn-Bru and TNS boiler suit is now in my collection. Signed, of course.

Every press pass, signed programme or shirt has a tale behind it. Of course, every collection needs to be kept somewhere and although I may not have taken over the aforementioned loft, nevertheless one of the downstairs rooms has been colonised.

My wife, Debby, is great and I couldn’t fulfill my commitment at TNS without her, never mind transform a room in a way that even the most imaginative interior designer would never understand. Eat your heart out, Laurence Llewellen-Bowen.

The latest additions, other than programmes and team sheets, are both unique. First of all, when I went to the Irn-Bru factory recently with Paul Harrison he gave me his specially made boiler suit. In addition, it’s signed as well.

Signed and now on my wall along with the others

Secondly, although I’ve had it for a while, I’ve now got Mike Wilde’s shirt from the B36 Torshavn Champions League game signed. It was my first ever game in the competition, plus Wildey scored in the match. This was followed by a hat-trick at Park Hall, in the same top.

You can buy signed shirts from memorabilia dealers but the person who penned it – assuming it’s genuine of course – doesn’t know you. When I took mine to Connah’s Quay recently, as soon as he saw me with a pen in one hand and a shirt in the other, the ex-TNS star knew what to do.

‘To Rev…’ he began. You don’t get any more personal than that, which is why my collection means so much to me. Everyone knows Ronaldo or Messi but do they know us? All my signed items are two-way relationship traffic. I’ll bring more updates in future columns, as they say, watch this space.

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