A Life Saved At The Venue – A Letter Of Thanks And Appreciation

You will probably not be aware but recently we had an incident in the gym at The Venue. We have received the following and all we’ve done is remove the names, at the request of the couple involved.


A few weeks ago whilst training in the Venue gym my husband had a cardiac arrest. The physiotherapists employed by TNS saved his life by administering CPR and defibrillation; they were also helped by some of the team, Chris Seargeant being one of them.

Chris was first there to help Naomi, the gym instructor,  and acted swiftly in putting my husband into recovery and checking for a pulse. I’m assuming he called then for the physio guys,  at this point I had been taken away from the scene.

Wayne and Gregg were just amazing in how they handled the whole awful situation, they are first class ! Throughout they acted with professionalism and superb skills, keeping calm and methodical as they went through both processes.

I am in no doubt that they saved my husband’s life. They then continued to support the paramedics and ambulance service until the helicopter arrived. I really can’t praise or thank them enough, please try to get their actions recognised in some way, they did your club proud and deserve an accolade.

As the helicopter was leaving, I was about to go to the car to follow when behind me I heard, “Right everyone now let’s get all this cleaned up.” It was Wayne and to me that sums up his whole approach to the situation, clear professional and calm to the last!

My husband is now on the road to recovery after spending eight days in Stoke University Hospital, in critical care. I’ve cancelled his gym membership for now!!! He begins a rehab programme of exercise in a couple of weeks in Wrexham.

We only joined the Venue gym in January and were so enjoying the exercise programme but more especially we loved watching your footballers training with the physio team watching and giving instructions. It was so interesting to see and very impressive. We didn’t think then that one day we would be at the receiving end of their impressive skills!

Please pass this email onto your wonderful team and whoever else is appropriate.


Media. Contact: stewart.bloor@tnsfc.co.uk