Oswestry Sainsbury’s At Park Hall For Sport Relief

This afternoon we had the pleasure of welcoming Oswestry Sainsbury’s to the home of the JD Welsh Premier League champions, as part of their Sport Relief fundraising activities.

We visited the store recently and you can read all about that on our website: The New Saints Supports Sports Relief

Today’s visit to Park Hall was led by store manager, Alister Moutrie, and consisted of cashiers, team leaders etc – highlighting the across-the-board support that the staff give to the annual charity event. Sainsbury’s are major sponsors of Sport Relief and you can read more here.

Regional manager, Jonathan Carr, ran a mile at Park Hall recently – the seventh venue for his target of doing the same distance at the eight local(ish) stores.

Today, the team ran 4.5 laps of the pitch that has seen Champions League football in recent years. We got some video footage that you can view via the embedded tweets, where we joined in for an on-the-go interview.

We also had a chat with Naomi Stocker from TNS Foundation, and caught up with the latest news on TNS’ involvement, following the cancellation due to snow of our event last Sunday.


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