It’s Like Watching Your Children At A School Play – Rev’s Ramblings

It was a great honour for everyone involved with The New Saints of Oswestry Town – and especially so for the players concerned – to see Aeron Edwards and Connell Rawlinson selected for the Wales C squad that faced England C last week.

The game, played at Barry Town United’s Jenner Park, not only saw the two TNS players complete the full ninety minutes but Connell proudly wear the armband as well.

I arrived at the ground very early, picked up my media pass from the FA Wales’ media room and then set about getting as much exposure for the club as possible.

From the live footage of the players arriving on the team bus, shots of them as they did their pre-game pitch walkabout, through to even capturing the anthem being played as the PA system was tested, our social media accounts were busy and buzzing.

Although I’m English born and bred, as I’ve often written in my weekly blog my roots the other side of the border are strong. In fact, I’m as Welsh as the national captain – born in Wolverhampton with a Welsh grandmother. The tipping point of working for a Welsh club under the FAW jurisdiction, plus the involvement of Aeron and Connell swayed me slightly to the Cymraeg side on this occasion.

I loved the game and although I enjoyed all of it, nevertheless I was like the parent at a school play or other such function. Although there may be a couple of dozen children on the stage, your eyes are on your own kids more than anyone else.

That’s exactly how it was for me and conducting the post-game interviews with TNS’ representation, I felt incredibly pleased and proud for the players, the club, the league and the country. In with the official stuff, as you can see from the lead photograph, a selfie. Always a selfie.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces as well at the game. The external relationships that have been built over the four full seasons that I’ve been with the club are important to me. Not only on a personal level but also in the context of representing The New Saints.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we do, how we conduct ourselves is a reflection not only of us but also the club that we represent. I want the people that I have dealings with to be left with a good impression.

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