It’s Fine To Lose A Battle As Long As You Win The War – Rev’s Ramblings

It was great to be at Park Hall last weekend as we lifted the JD Welsh Premier League (JD WPL) trophy in front of the S4C cameras. Of course, following Bala Town’s defeat two days earlier we knew what was going to happen, whatever the result on the day.

That didn’t take the shine off it at all though. When you go to bed as a child on Christmas Eve, you know exactly what the next day will bring, but nevertheless you still feel excited.

Watching the players in the post-game celebrations was the football equivalent of winning the war. Every victorious army has set-backs on the road to triumph. To borrow from the Second World War, for every VE Day, there’s a Dunkirk along the way.

Ours was without doubt, the opening day of the season. A 5-2 defeat at Bangor City was the worst possible start to the campaign. However, just as one swallow doesn’t make a summer, one drop of rain doesn’t mean that there’s a thunderstorm on the way either.

The way the side bounced back in the very next game, with a 3-0 victory against Bala Town, set a precedent for the months ahead. Culminating in the league and cup double, it’s been a good first season for the Ruscoe / Evans partnership.

There are life-lesson parallels in the way the team hit back after the first game. It’s not so much whether life deals us a bad hand from time to time but rather how we play it.

Things may get tough and you may even lose the odd battle here and there. As long as you win the war though, that’s what counts. It’s all about the big picture.

Yes, we have lost a handful of games along the way but we’ve won the JD WPL and we’re in the Champions League again next time season.

Photo credit: Brian Jones.

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