Monday, Monday, So Good To Me – Rev’s Ramblings

Borrowing from the Mamas & Papas’ classic song, the headline is a perfect way of leading into some of the things that I got up to yesterday. I always enjoy covering training and this week, as well as out on the pitch, the players spent time in the gym as well.

I got plenty of photographs and posted them on TNS’ social media accounts. Accompanied by videos, it’s a great way to give fans an insight into what goes on behind the scenes as far as the players are concerned. That’s an important aspect of engagement between the club and supporters.

While sitting in The Venue later I got my ipad out and a young boy walking past noticed my screen photograph and had a look. His mom told him to stop being nosey but I said it’s OK and showed him more. The image was the UEFA Champions League trophy that we welcomed to Park Hall a couple of seasons ago.

Chatting with them, they were from Stoke-on-Trent and on holiday in the area and we ended up doing a tour of the ground. They really enjoyed it and it was a pleasure to show them round.

Later on in the afternoon, along with Greg Draper, Kevin Kauber and Graeme Kirkham, I went to the youth club in Gobowen that TNS Foundation runs. We had a good time there, engaging with the youngsters as they not only had fun playing pool and table tennis but also designing tee-shirts for the Junior Supporters’ Club.

Variety is the spice of life as they say, and that’s definitely true as far as my involvement with TNS is concerned. There were the other usual things such as website updates and emails – always the emails – even a kick-around on the pitch.

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