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In any area of working life, having a good relationship with those around you is important. In the world of football media it’s vital, especially in the context of the staff and players.

Regarding Scott Ruscoe, not only is our working relationship excellent but I also class him as a friend away from the game. I won’t mention the club or the league, but I was talking with a media officer a while back, who told me of the frostiness that existed between his department and the manager.

It was so bad that no internal interviews were conducted during the course of a whole season, everything was done via a third-party. It sounds incredulous, especially if I let you know that we are talking about the top flight league in a particular country. Well, I’m happy to say I’ve never even remotely come close to anything like that.

At the end of every game – win, lose or draw – Scott always makes himself available. Not only to me at the club, but also whoever else is there. He has a very professional approach and regardless of his own emotions at that time, always come over consistently.

For my part, I enjoy working in-house. I’m not expected to take the aggressive style that we often witness on our television screens. If TNS has lost, not only do I share the manager’s emotions anyway, but the last thing I personally want to do is provoke him into an outburst. It’s not me.

Scott is great when I’m around the training ground as well. The access that he gives to the players is second to none. For my part I know how far to go. I love the freedom to roam and mingle but I don’t interfere with, or negatively affect, what’s going on. I appreciate very much the privilege but with privilege comes responsibility.

Then there are the players. I can honestly say that I have a good relationship with every one and I like them all. What I appreciate is how comfortable they are as well. The photographs are from the pre-game session on the pitch at Bala Town last Friday.

I like the responses – they were natural as well and not staged – it shows that although I’m in their world it’s not an intrusion. That’s what any media person should strive for, close access but at the same time keeping a respectful distance. Whether with the manager or a fringe team player, relationship is a key factor to successful media.

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