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Even though though the last ball of the season (well, for the first team anyway) was kicked on the Friday evening in the game against Cardiff Metropolitan University FC, the TNS show goes on.

In fact, less than twenty four hours later, The Venue was transformed beyond recognition into a facility that hosted the first team awards presentations for both the men and the ladies.

It really was a well-organised affair and one that Matt Lee and the staff deserve full credit for. The way they made the main room look like it was a purpose-built venue designed specifically for that type of event was incredible.

It was hard to believe that just a few hours before it was The Venue as we all know it, complete with soft play and assorted tables and chairs.

The evening itself was great and I enjoyed covering it on social media. With photographs and videos, our Facebook and Twitter accounts were busy during the evening.

Getting into bed in the very early hours of the morning I was up bright and early, as the next day it was the turn of our Academy to receive their awards.

My only venture onto the stage the evening before was to say grace, this time I had the honour and privilege of hosting the day. It was a day as well, with three sessions it was a round the clock affair.

Again though, it was very well organised and a real blessing to be part of. Obviously it is first and foremost about the first team, that’s why we exist. It is great though to see real quality in depth at Park Hall. Whether on the pitch or off it, the show goes on.

Lead photograph: Academy awards with Paul Harrison and Chris Marriott. Credit: Brian Jones.


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