The New Saints And LA Galaxy – What’s The Connection?

Although he claims to have never used it, nevertheless, if we put on our best Michael Caine voice and utter the well-worn phrase, ‘Not a lot of people know that’, you may ask what are we referring to?

Well, not many people may be aware that there is a footballing connection between the champions of Wales and one of the top clubs from across the pond.

Forget David Beckham or Robbie Keane – not that there is a link anyway as far as we are aware – we’re talking about TNS Foundation’s head of football, Danny Bell.

Danny used to coach with LA Galaxy San Diego and was the coach of the month during his time in the States. You can watch the video below.

We’ve got more on Danny coming soon, as we catch up with him at Park Hall to chat about his present and immediate future with TNS Foundation. As they say, watch this space.




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